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Our Inspiration

The non-profit organization “MIJN DROOM” (My Dream) has been inspired by the story of Malcolm Graham, a Canadian missionary who came to Africa in 1966 and became the Director/Head of a local secondary school. When he and his family arrived, they immediately noticed that there was not a single female student at that school. The first young ladies were only enrolled after Mr. Graham encouraged parents and influential authorities to also let them continue their education after the primary/elementary school level.

Another very important step by Mr. Graham also inspired the foundation of this organisation. At a certain stage of their studies, some students were to leave school because they and their parents didn’t have funds to pay the required school fees. When Mr. Graham saw that these students were intelligent, motivated, and wanted to continue learning, he decided to intervene. What did he do and how did he manage to keep the students at school? He and his family wrote to family and friends in Canada where they started fundraising to get enough money to pay the school fees and by creating jobs at the school deserving students could complete their education. His actions helped many of those students realize their dreams of obtaining a good education and a better future.

THIS LEGACY can inspire other people to do whatever is possible to help orphans and children whose parents are not able to pay for their education, especially children in developing countries where resources are often lacking. That seed Mr. Graham sowed became the inspiration to start this non-profit organisation as we plan to raise funds to support the education of orphans and children who are eager to learn, but who lack financial means.

Are you inspired?

Help talented students in Africa finish their education!

About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education opportunities to the unprivileged children, to give them a fair chance to use their full potential and to succeed in life. We do this by promoting academic success, removing barriers to good education and by being the bridge between the willing supporters (donators) and children with most needs.  We shall use the funds raised appropriately to finance the studies for children out of poor families.

Our Vision

We envision a world with opportunities for all, where children can use their full potentials to succeed in life and make a positive impact in their communities.  That is why we would like to focus on the “financial support” as a real need to improve the Education for many children in East Africa.  

Our plan, strategy and services

We would like to concentrate our efforts to university level of education.   We are planning to be in contact with several universities in East Africa in order to build up relationship with those universities as we would let them identifying the students in need of financial support and to make sure that the universities are committed to play their important role to fulfil our mission. Once the children are identified and admitted by the universities, our financial support (funds) shall be directly sent to the universities and the students shall not receive any amount onto their account from our organization.  “We shall only deal directly with the schools (universities)”. We shall request the schools/universities to keep us informed about the performance of those children who receive our support. At the end of every school year, the organization shall publish the list of children supported and the universities attended and the children’s  performance.

Our values



Treat all people with dignity and respect as how you would like to be treated



Meet the highest of the ethical standards imaginable



Use the resources in a more effective and efficient way



Challenge each boy or girl to strive for excellence



Embrace continuous creativity, change and innovate


Set a good example

Our board members are doing their jobs as volunteers: no salaries are paid.

Our Approach

We recognise the shared burden with all economic players, private and governmental sectors to provide water, electricity, transportation, energy, building schools, providing teachers training, etc…  An educated workforce is essential for stimulating long term economic growth and reducing poverty in Africa (or anywhere else).  Many organisations focus on developing countries where educational level is low but opportunities exist for high impact.  

While African communities have social capital to support each other, experience has shown that the action of educating a child, a girl child in particular, contributes highly to the development of their children and their families and wider community. Girl’s education is particularly impactful for future generations: children of educated mothers are much more likely to go to school than children of mothers with little or no education.

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We will use your donation to pay for the schooling of children from poor families so that they can complete their studies. By ensuring that children complete their college and university, we fight poverty in Africa in a sustainable way. After all, the graduated, highly educated children bring prosperity.
Yes, this is possible. When you click on the donate button, you can then indicate the amount you want to donate.
No definitely not. All our donations are on a one-time basis. We love it when you make a donation once, but you can decide how often and how much you want to donate.
You can see this in our incorporation papers that you can download below this FAQ on this website. 
No, we do not provide receipts for donations. If you want to deduct your donation from your tax income statement (if applicable in your country) a copy of your bank statement will suffice.
Yes, you can contact us by mail, Whatsapp, telephone or via our contact form. We would love to hear what questions you have and are happy to help.  

Public Documents

Foundation My Dream Establishment - ENG

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Foundation My Dream Establishment - NL

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Notary document of statutory update - ENG

Notary document of statutory update in English (PDF)

Notary document of statutory update - NL

Notary document of statutory update in Dutch (PDF)

Business Plan Foundation Mijn Droom - ENG

Business plan of foundation 2021/2022 (PDF)


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