Yes, this is possible. When you click on the donate button, you can then indicate the amount you want to donate.
No definitely not. All our donations are on a one-time basis. We love it when you make a donation once, but you can decide how often and how much you want to donate.
You can see this in our incorporation papers that you can download below this FAQ on this website. 
For each donation, a receipt will be automatically generated. However in case you do not get the receipt, please feel free to contact us (providing your email) so that we send you the receipt against your donation.  Where applicable, such receipt can serve as a proof for tax deduction.
Yes, you can contact us by mail, Whatsapp, telephone or via our contact form. We would love to hear what questions you have and are happy to help.  
Yes! Stichting Mijn Droom (My Dream) is recognised as a public benefit organisation (PBO, or ANBI) by the Dutch tax authorities. The ANBI-status guarantees, among other things, that we do not have the objective of financial gain, that at least 90% of our efforts/income are committed to the public benefit, and that we meet strict integrity requirements.
Our ANBI-status entails that donations from donors to our organisation are tax deductible under applicable conditions.