The non-profit organization “MIJN DROOM” (My Dream) has been inspired by the story of Malcolm Graham, a Canadian missionary who came to Africa in 1966 and became the Director/Head of a local secondary school. When he and his family arrived, they immediately noticed that there was not a single female student at that school. The first young ladies were only enrolled after Mr. Graham encouraged parents and influential authorities to also let them continue their education after the primary/elementary school level.

Another very important step by Mr. Graham also inspired the foundation of this organisation. At a certain stage of their studies, some students were to leave school because they and their parents didn’t have funds to pay the required school fees. When Mr. Graham saw that these students were intelligent, motivated, and wanted to continue learning, he decided to intervene. What did he do and how did he manage to keep the students at school? He and his family wrote to family and friends in Canada where they started fundraising to get enough money to pay the school fees and by creating jobs at the school deserving students could complete their education. His actions helped many of those students realize their dreams of obtaining a good education and a better future.

THIS LEGACY can inspire other people to do whatever is possible to help orphans and children whose parents are not able to pay for their education, especially children in developing countries where resources are often lacking. That seed Mr. Graham sowed became the inspiration to start this non-profit organisation as we plan to raise funds to support the education of orphans and children who are eager to learn, but who lack financial means.